Ceramic Core Finishing

Unlike any other supplier in the world, Ceramic Core Solutions has a dedicated subcontract ceramic core finished department. A clean, modern fully equipped facility for hand finishing, CMM measurement, 3D scanning, impregnation, wax preparation and visual inspection.

The ceramic core finishing process is very labour-intensive and due to this it can leave the process vulnerable to challenges such as unplanned absence, high holiday profiles, staff departures, long lead times for training new employees or a sudden spike in customer requirements.

To maintain short-lead times and quick turnaround of customer requirements we provide a door-to-door collection and delivery service regardless of your location.

There are several other benefits to subcontracting elements of your core finishing process including:

  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  • Reduced consumable costs
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Increase your capacity quickly
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Access to expertise
  • Improve sales output

The team at Ceramic Core Solutions are experts in their respective fields, this expertise has been developed over several years whilst working within some of the largest independent ceramic core manufacturers in the world. You can be always assured of complete confidentiality and design protection.

Subcontract Ceramic Core Finishing Operations

Hand Finishing

Our team of experienced hand finishers have finished some of the most complex ceramic core geometries on the market today. We use the latest finishing equipment that is ideal for external split line removal and complicated feature finishing.  

CNC Finishing

When finishing high volumes of ceramic cores we utilise our multi-head CNC finishing equipment. All of our CNC machines are reliable, cost effective and highly repeatable.  

3D Scanning

We utilise the latest in 3D scanning technology to provide an outstanding sub-contract 3D measurement service. This service enables our customers to save time, improve speed of data capture and generate more meaningful data.


Each customer has a choice of 3 impregnation materials, each material provides different levels of strength improvement. Ceramic cores can be impregnated, cured, packed and returned within 48 hours of receipt.

Core Waxing

We provide a full ceramic core preparation service; this includes ceramic core waxing and chapletting. We use a semi-automated core waxing process to ensure this service is provided efficiently and at a very competitive price. We can utilise your existing materials or propose a suitable material.

Visual Inspection

Our team of visual inspectors have worked to some of the most stringent visual specifications on the market today. We use a range of modern visual inspection equipment to ensure all products are throughly checked and reviewed.