Ceramic Core Production Equipment

Ceramic Core Solutions supply a complete range of start of the art ceramic core manufacturing equipment starting with highly engineered material mixing and blending solutions through to ceramic core finishing equipment.

None of the equipment we supply is standard, everything we supply is bespoke, configured and optimised around your process and product requirements. Using our many years of experience we know that the smallest amount of optimisation can make a significant difference not only to the quality of the final product but also the safety and the efficiency of the equipment.

As well as supplying the equipment, we also handle the installation, commissioning, and validation of the equipment.

All equipment is supplied with step-by-step operating instructions complete with colour images for ease of use and understanding, we also supply any consumable items that will be required to fully operate the process.

Ceramic Core Production Equipment

Material Mixing

Our ceramic core material mixers start with a load capacity of 50 kg, each mixing system will be optimised to meet your material and mixing requirements. Our mixers are designed to deliver optimised material performance free of air entrapment and contamination. 

Material Holding Tanks

Our holding pots are ideal for keeping your ceramic core material stable, all of our holding pots are equipped with vacuum and  continuous agitation capability. Material is then easily transferred from the holding pot to your injection moulding machine.  

Ceramic Injection Machines

There is significant opportunity for customisation when it comes to our range of injection moulding machines. Medium pressure to high pressure, 6 tons to 300 tons the possibilities are huge. Did you know that a single injection machine is capable of generating £1.5M in ceramic cores per annum.  

Automated Production Cells

As well as our stand-alone automatic injection moulding machines we also supply fully automated ceramic core production cells that include an injection machine and robotic pick and place systems. The system can also be optimised to include 3D scanning and sprue removal. Automated ceramic core injection is proven to deliver double digit yield and productivity improvements.

Temperature Control Systems

We supply cutting edge temperature control units that allow users to tightly control and monitor the temperatures of both injection moulding tooling, reformers and injection machine platens, each of our systems delivers temperature control to ± 0.5 °C.


All our kilns are built to order and are fully optimised for process performance, operator safety and maximum productivity. Sizes range from lab size batch kilns to full continuous tunnel kilns. Every kiln is tested and thoroughly inspected prior to shipping. We also supply a range of kiln furniture and firing media to get you started.

Sagger Unpack Booth

When working with powders operator safety is paramount, our saggar unpack booths are ideal for the safe, reliable, and efficient unpacking of saggers post firing. All our systems are equipped with extraction fans, filters, and sealed LED lighting.

Penetrant Inspection Tank

Penetrant inspection is used to identify ceramic core surface defects. Our inspection system is semi-automated that allows multiple parts to be dipped and inspected at the same time increasing efficiency by up to 50%.

Semi-Automatic Finishing Drills

Our semi-automatic finishing drills give your operators complete control over the ceramic core finishing process, with fully adjustable speeds and pedal operation you can look forward to precise finishing and a low maintenance piece of equipment, a key piece of ceramic core process technology. 

CNC Machines

Each of our CNC machines are built to order, designed around your product range, and output requirements. We supply multi-head table top systems capable of finishing 6 cores during one machining cycle right through to 5 axis machines capable of finishing very large complex parts.

Length Cutting Systems

The length of a ceramic core is often a key dimensional characteristic that needs to be tightly controlled. Using a bespoke cutting system allows the user to delivery consistent, tightly controlled dimensional results.

CMM Machines

We supply a range of CMM’s including bridge, gantry, horizontal arm and optical CMM’s, each machine is tailored to your product portfolio, customer reporting requirements and most importantly the operating environment. We also support with CMM programming and sub-contract measurement support.

3D Measurement Systems

We supply a range of specialist equipment for the 3D measurement of ceramic cores ranging from a few mm up to ceramic cores of 1000 mm in length. Our 3D measurement solutions provide a range of measuring tasks from simple 3D scanning through to full colour mapping to CAD.

Impregnation Systems

The ceramic core impregnation process is critical to final product performance within your customer’s process. It is vital to ensure this process is performed correctly as operating the process incorrectly can lead to drastic differences in part properties. Our systems are designed to not only optimise product performance but also to ensure operator comfort and safety.

Drying Ovens

Ovens are commonly used within the ceramic core manufacturing process for several reasons. Our ovens can be produced with virtually any shape or configuration. Temperature ranges are between 25 °C through to 800 °C. Each of our ovens can be heated by natural gas, LPG, electricity or oil.

Core Waxing Systems

Our wax applicator is a unique system that allows users to apply wax to ceramic cores in a consistent and controlled manner, ideal for replacing the old-fashioned eyedroppers and tins of melted wax with a process that is precise, consistent, safe and efficient.


Our outstanding bench microscopes really excel in the low magnification range for very detailed inspection of ceramic cores. Patented optical technology allows operators to sit more comfortably, wear glasses and have freedom of head movement. The systems also allow for digital image capture ideal for quality assurance records and operator training. 

Ceramic Core Leaching System

Our CDS-50P ceramic core leaching autoclave provides the ideal solution for the safe and reliable removal of ceramic cores from investment castings. The CDS-50P allows for the removal of ceramic core material in the shortest possible time with no risk to the cast component. All units are PLC controlled and operated via an HMI touch screen.