Low Pressure Ceramic Core Production Process

Our poured ceramic core manufacturing process can produce a wide range of ceramic cores, a poured core production process is typically used to manufacture ceramic cores for the industrial gas turbine and commercial castings industry, however poured cores can be utilised across several applications and market sectors. Ceramic cores produced using a poured process demonstrate excellent dimensional capability and outstanding surface finish. The other major benefit to using a poured process is there are very few size limitations, cores are easily produced more than a metre in length with excellent dimensional consistency.

The process package includes 4 different material compositions all demonstrating excellent leachability and excellent alloy compatibility

Please see below for what is included within the purchase of a poured core process.

Material Formulations

Included in the poured ceramic core process are 4 material formulations, these formulations can produce a vast range of ceramic cores and have been engineered based on product complexity, product size and the applicable casting process.

Raw Material Supplier List

As part of the poured core process, you receive the details of all the required raw materials including a full list of ingredients, and the specific measures of each grade of material. To ensure that you can run and maintain your process we also provide you with a list of approved raw material suppliers, contact details and recommended pricing points.


A key element of the poured ceramic core process is that it requires very little investment in equipment, most investment casting operations already have the required equipment to run a low-pressure ceramic core process. If equipment is required, then we will advise on what equipment to purchase, recommended suppliers and the specifications.


Unlike a medium or high-pressure ceramic core manufacturing process, a poured ceramic core process doesn’t require a high level of tooling investment, tooling can be built very quickly at very competitive prices. We advise on the required tooling specifications and how to design and construct suitable tooling.

Process Instructions

The low-pressure process is supported by a set of detailed process instructions that enable the user to run every aspect of the manufacturing process. Process instructions are provided for all the required process steps, all the process instructions are written in a step-by-step format with colour images for ease of use and understanding.

Technical Support

So, you’ve bought the process, made some product and you hit a problem. There is no need to be concerned, part of the process purchase includes support from one of our ceramic core experts, this support can be delivered in a range of formats based on your individual needs and is available at very short notice.