Medium Pressure Ceramic Core Process

If you ask an investment casting organisation what dictates their sales output or long-term growth rates they will probably respond with “market requirements, technology development and our new business conversion results”.

Its more than likely that one of the key impacts on investment casting sales output and long-term growth is the delivery of ceramic cores.

If you want to be in complete control of your own destiny and really start to grow your business, then in house ceramic core manufacturing is the answer. Ceramic Core Solutions makes this possible through the installation of a turnkey ceramic core manufacturing process.

The Ceramic Core Solutions turnkey ceramic core manufacturing process can be configured to produce a broad range of ceramic cores starting from very simple shapes for commercial applications through to highly complex shapes for cutting edge aerospace requirements.

A turnkey ceramic core process can be installed at a location of your choosing that could be within an existing facility or in a new purpose-built location.

We are so confident in our turnkey ceramic core process that we GUARANTEE 100% satisfaction.

Core Material Formulation

The ceramic core material formulation is one of most important aspects of the entire process, each turnkey installation includes at least one complete material formulation that encompasses a full list of ingredients, the specific measures of each ingredient, and complete raw material supplier details. It is possible to purchase raw materials from us during the early stages of process deployment or until you have established a robust supply chain with our recommended suppliers.

Impregnation Material Formulation

Very similar to that of the ceramic core material formulation, the turnkey process installation includes at least one impregnation formulation that includes the full list of ingredients, specific measures of each ingredient and complete raw material supplier details. We can also supply raw materials separately until you establish a robust supply chain.

Equipment and Operating Instructions

Selecting the right equipment to operate your ceramic core manufacturing process is vital to your success and we use our many years of experience in order to design and supply the very best equipment. All the equipment supplied as part of a turnkey process installation is delivered pre-programmed with all the required settings and parameters.

Process Instructions

You have the materials and the equipment and now the key is bringing those aspects together to produce world class ceramic cores. Process instructions are supplied for each individual manufacturing process including key settings for the production equipment. Each process instruction is written in a step-by-step format with colour images for ease of understanding.

Inspection Equipment

Through several years of working with a multitude of ceramic core consumers we have developed a list of not only the required equipment but also the most operator friendly equipment to ensure that each core is comprehensively inspected as it moves through your process and then ultimately into the customers process.

Tooling Supply

As part of the turnkey ceramic core process, we can supply you with all your tooling requirements to get you started with your first ceramic core project. We also supply you with a comprehensive tooling support process that provides information and processes on key design features, tooling specifications, documentation, procurement and a comprehensive list of approved suppliers based on ceramic core geometry and complexity.


 The turnkey ceramic core package includes the supply of all the required consumables you will need to successfully deploy and run your process and most importantly ensure you deliver the very best in product quality, a slight error in consumable specification can make a significant difference to the outcome of your final product, you will also be provided with a list of approved suppliers and product details to enable you to source your own requirements in the future. 

Employee Training

If your team members have no experience of manufacturing ceramic cores, then this is not a problem. We provide process, product, and technology training in our state-of-the-art ceramic core facility in the UK or if preferred we can provide training at your location. Our training program covers all aspects of ceramic core manufacturing and process control, we work with your team on each of the manufacturing processes until they are capable of running and monitoring the process unsupervised.

Ongoing Technical Support

We support you from the initial concept of your project right through to product validation, in some cases we have even worked with our customers customer to ensure successful deployment of our turnkey process. This support is available to you throughout the project delivery and if desired the support can be continued long after the project has been completed.