Process Instructions

One of the biggest risks faced by investment casters and ceramic core producers is a loss of process knowledge that in most cases has been built up by individuals over many years, replacing this knowledge is very difficult if not impossible, therefore the lead times for training new employees can be extremely protracted.

We supply a complete range of process instructions for all ceramic core manufacturing processes. Utilising our process instructions not only ensures your process is robust, but it also removes a significant element of risk around a loss of knowledge in the future.

Our process instructions also contain several hints and tips that have been developed by many years of trial and error, we have done the hard work so you don’t have to!

All process instructions are written in a step-by-step format with colour images for ease of understanding.

Material Mixing Process

Our material mixing instructions cover every element of ceramic core material blending and mixing. They include key elements such as mixing times, temperatures and a step-by-step guide for adding ingredients.

Injection Moulding Process

Our injection moulding process instructions include key elements including temperatures, pressures and several other key process steps and machine settings. We supply 3 different sets of instructions based on common product sizes and complexities.

Kiln Programmes

We have several kiln profiles available that have been developed based on core size and complexity. Each of our kiln programmes include full heat up and cool down stages as well as instructions on optimised part orientation. Our kiln profiles are optimised for product performance, productivity, and fuel efficiency.

Core Unpack Process

Once your ceramic cores have been fired, they now need to be safely removed from the saggar, upwards of 15% of parts are often lost through bad practices at this process, our process instructions provide clear guidance for the safe, reliable, and consistent unpacking of ceramic core post firing.

Penetrant Inspection Process

Penetrant inspection often referred to as ‘white inspection’ is a key process then ensures that non-conforming cores are removed from the process as early as possible. Our process instructions provide step by step guidance on how to prepare the raw materials and successfully complete this process.

CNC Machining Process

CNC machining of ceramic cores provides significant productivity benefits to ceramic core producers. Our process instructions cover all elements of the CNC machining process, we can also provide support on CNC programming and fixture design.

Hand Finishing Process

Hand finishing of ceramic cores is a vital but time-consuming process. The skill and knowledge to successfully finish ceramic cores is often built up over several years. We have developed a step-by-step guide for hand finishing that covers of a variety of ceramic core designs. Using our process instructions reduces training and development time by upwards of 30%.

CMM Instructions

Measuring ceramic cores using a CMM machine is relatively simple, however there are several elements and process steps that can drastically affect the results obtained, our process instructions ensure each core is measured accurately and repeatably, we also provide CMM programming support and data capture support.

Impregnation Process

The ceramic core impregnation process is critical to product performance. It’s vital to ensure this process is performed correctly as operating it incorrectly can lead to drastic differences in ceramic core properties. Our step-by-step process instructions will ensure you can prepare your raw materials and operate the process safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

Core Waxing Process

Our ceramic core preparation instructions provide guidance on how to infill and surface prep ceramic cores prior to transport or prior to wax injection. The process instructions include key parameters including material preparation, temperatures, suggested tools, application methods and cleaning processes.

Ceramic Core Repair Process

Repairing surface defects on ceramic cores is not an easy process and can take several months of training for an operator to work independently. Our ceramic core repair process instructions detail the material preparation and process steps to ensure your operators can repair the most complex of cores in a matter of days.

Final Inspection Process

This is the final time you will see your ceramic core before your customer does, whether that’s an internal customer in the wax room or your external customer, reduce your risk and accelerate your results using our detailed, step-by-step inspection training manual.