Ceramic Core Tooling

Ceramic Core Tool Design

If you need support designing your tooling then you are in the right place. We provide services including design, manufacturing and testing. We always supply preliminary 3D models for full review and approval prior to manufacture. 

Ceramic Injection Simulation Services

In order to ensure an optimal result during injection, we provide a range of simulation options. We can simulate any of your existing or proposed tooling designs in either wax or ceramic and provide detailed reports that include advice on any modification proposals to optimise your production process.

Ceramic Core Injection Tooling

We supply aluminium and steel ceramic core injection tooling all machined to tolerance’s of +/– 0.025 mm. All ceramic core injection tooling is fully tested and inspected prior to shipment to your premises. 

Poured Ceramic Core Tooling

We supply a number of alternative tooling options including poured core tooling, grinding fixtures and CNC machining fixtures. Alternative tooling is manufactured from materials including MDF, resin and various polymers. 

Ceramic Core Reformers

Optimum dimensional ceramic core performance is almost impossible to achieve without good quality ceramic core tooling. We design and produce a reformer solution that enable’s you to achieve the ultimate dimensional advantage.

Fast Make Ceramic Core Tooling

Why not take advantage of our fast make tooling development solution, offering a very quick turnaround and a cost effective solution when time and cost is of the essence.  

Ceramic Core Measurement Gauges

When you don’t need a CMM fixture or there isn’t the budget for complex ceramic core tooling then we can supply a range of both simple and complex inspection gauges for ceramic cores.

CMM Fixtures

Measurement fixtures are required at several stages throughout the ceramic core manufacturing process, Ceramic Core Solutions supply several types of measurement fixtures for both contact and non-contact measurement techniques.

Repairs & Maintenance

Starting from a basic polish right through to an extensive service that includes a full inspection and replacement of key items. We  offer tooling collection within 12 hours and provide a full health check and repair quote within 48 hours.