Ceramic Rods

We supply multiple sizes and shape of ceramic rods and bars for the quality conscious investment caster.

Our bars and rods are designed to add strength to areas of the ceramic shell where additional support is necessary. Ceramic rods are often used as a support mechanism for wax clusters and investment cast shell systems.

Each of our rods and bars are available in a broad range of materials and custom sizes are available on request.

Available Materials

  • Mullite
  • Fused Silica
  • Alumina

Standard Sizes

(custom sizes are available on request)

Part ReferenceRound RodsPart ReferenceSquare RodsPart ReferenceRectangular Rods
RR013 x 100 mmSR014 x 100 mmRER014 x 100 mm
RR024 x 100 mmSR026 x 100 mmRER026 x 100 mm
RR035 x 100 mmSR038 x 100 mmRER038 x 100 mm
RR048 x 100 mmSR0410 x 100 mmRER0410 x 100 mm
RR0510 x 100 mmSR0512 x 100 mmRER0512 x 100 mm
RR0612 x 100 mmSR0614 x 100 mmRER0614 x 100 mm
RR0715 x 100 mmSR0716 x 100 mmRER0716 x 100 mm
RR0818 x 100 mmSR0818 x 100 mmRER0818 x 100 mm
RR0920 x 100 mmSR0920 x 100 mmRER0920 x 100 mm
RR1025 x 100 mmSR1025 x 100 mmRER1025 x 100 mm