Injection Moulded Ceramic Cores

Material Mixing

Our materials are mixed using state-of-the-art paddle bladed mixing equipment. The material mixing equipment and supporting process has been optimised to generate the very best in material performance. All our materials are mixed using vacuum technology to support trouble free injection moulding. For more information on our range of ceramic core materials please click here.

Injection Moulding

We utilise a medium pressure injection moulding process to produce our ceramic cores, our medium pressure injection moulding process allows us to deliver dimensionally accurate products whilst minimising tooling wear. Ceramic cores are produced using state-of-the-art injection machines and due to our process flexibility, we can tailor our ceramic core materials and firing process to work with existing ceramic core tooling.


Each of our ceramic cores are fired using kilns that use sophisticated temperature controllers. Our proprietary firing cycles are monitored by chart recorders and buller rings to ensure optimum process monitoring and control. We also utilise a lab kiln for short runs and prototype production.


We utilise both hand finishing and CNC finishing processes for the majority of the ceramic cores we produce. Our finishing team are highly qualified thanks to several years of experience of finishing some of the most complex ceramic core geometries on the market today. The ceramic core finishing team at Ceramic Core Solutions have previously worked at some of the most well-known independent ceramic core manufactures.

Dimensional Inspection

There are several options available for dimensional inspection techniques at Ceramic Core Solutions. The process utilised and inspection frequency is agreed with you during the quotation stage. Available inspection processes include:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Blue Light Scanning
  • Hand Measurement inc. verniers, height gauges and micrometres
  • GO/NO gauges


We provide 3 material options for ceramic core impregnation; each material provides different levels of strength improvement based on your requirements. It is possible to increase core strength by up to 10 times using our impregnation materials and process technology. Impregnation of ceramic cores is a key process that provides added strength for handling, shipping, and wax injection.


We provide several ceramic cores in a waxed ‘ready to use’ condition. This process is performed in accordance with your individual specifications. We offer a range of hard and soft wax options, and we can also work with prescribed waxes. We use a semi-automated process to ensure we can provide this service competitively.

Visual Inspection

Every ceramic core is visually inspected after firing and again before it is shipped to the customer, we utilise a range of microscopes and magnifiers in our visual inspection process that range from x 5 to x 15 magnification options. Our microscopes are capable of capturing images of inspected ceramic cores that are made available to customers on request.


It’s imperative your ceramic cores arrive in perfect condition regardless of your location through the world, to ensure this happens we provide bespoke packaging that is designed and manufactured using the ceramic core CAD data. Bespoke packaging is designed having considered several factors including destination, product complexity and production volumes. We also ensure that all packaging is compliant with international regulations.


As well as ceramic core development and supply we go one step further and provide a full logistics service. We can provide various delivery options to our customers to a location of their choosing, we have developed a successful relationship with an international logistics organisation that enables us to offer you a door-to-door shipping service. We have successfully shipped ceramic cores to over 10 countries.