Technology Licensing

A technology licence from Ceramic Core Solutions provides our licensees with the opportunity to operate a world class ceramic core process capable of producing some of the most complex ceramic core geometries on the market today. It also allows the licensee to minimise start-up costs.

A technology licence enables the production of a vast range of ceramic cores including very large cores with thick cross sections all the way through to incredibly complex ceramic cores with thin sections and complex passages. Technology licences cover a range of casting applications and processes including equiax, directional solidification, single crystal, aluminium, titanium, and reactive alloys

Please see below for more information on what is included within a Technology Licence.

Premixed Ceramic Core Material

Premixed ceramic core material is designed to be added directly to your injection moulding machine. Volumes start at 100 kg up to several tonnes, customers operating under a licence receive premixed material at a discounted rate. Prices vary based on the volume of mix that is purchased.   

Firing Media

The supply of our bespoke blends of bedding powder are included within a licence agreement, we have developed bespoke blends of bedding powder to accompany each of our ceramic core materials. The right choice of bedding material can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to establishing a consistent and repeatable process.  

Premixed Impregnation Materials

A technology licence includes the supply of ready to use impregnation material. We have 3 types of impregnation material to choose from based on the type of ceramic core that is to be produced. Premixed impregnation material is added directly to the impregnation equipment and with the help of our process instructions the process is ready to operate.

Process Instructions

A technology licence includes the use of process instructions for all the key manufacturing processes including injection moulding, core firing, impregnation, and core finishing. Each process instruction is written in a step-by-step format with colour images for ease of use and understanding.

Equipment Parameters

Customers that operate under a technology licence have invariably decided to source their own manufacturing equipment or may already have equipment installed. The technology licence includes the provision of optimised equipment settings for each piece of equipment that allows you to quickly develop your process and achieve the desired outcome without hours of trials.


At the start of each technology licence each licensee is provided with a complete range of recommended consumables that are vital to the successful development and production of world class ceramic cores. We then provide each licensee with the details of all the required consumables and where these items can be sourced for future reference.

Employee Training

A proven way to accelerate your production readiness is to ensure your team are well trained in all aspects of ceramic core manufacturing. We provide the option of training your team members in our state of the art ceramic core facility in the UK or we can provide on-site training at a location of your choosing, remote training is also possible if this is the preferred option.

Technical Support

Throughout the duration of the licence period, we provide the licensee with our complete support, this support covers several topics including equipment, sales support, process support and individual product support. This support is available 7 days a week via phone, email, or video conferencing.